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Soulful houseSoulful house is a genre characterised by smooth and soulful vocals, relaxed atmosphere and melodic structure, as well as by influences from souljazz and funk. Tracks are distinguished by slower tempos (122 to 127 bpm), keyboards that give a deep sound, similar to the one from chill-out and lounge. House rhythms are often accompanied by instruments such as piano, guitar, bass guitar, double bass. Therefore, producers often collaborate with vocalists and live musicians. The tracks often feature solos by typical jazz wind instruments, such as saxophone or trumpet. Soulful house is a dance music genre due to its house beat and rhythm, but can also be heard as background music in restaurants and shops as well as on high fashion shows due to its relaxed, easy-going rhythm and refined sounds. Sometimes the genre perceived as a dance version of genres such as nu jazz and lounge.