DJ ‘Kazzie D’

 SOUND FUSION RADIO are proud to have DJ ‘Kazzie D’ on our DJ Team.

kazzie D

Born in Camberwell, South London & raised in a tiny village in Kent, anyone would think I’d have a sheltered life in music, but within a 5 mile radius I was introduced into the wonderful world of soulful tunes & disco with The Hilltop, The Moat, Kings Lodge, Spring Tavern, & The Kentagon at Brands Hatch. As early as school disco’s a very young Pete Tong was our DJ from a tender age! I’ve danced since I was 14 & never stopped! I left home at 17 & the world was my oyster! A brief toning down happened from 1994 to 2003 & when I went out as a singleton again & I couldn’t believe what had happened out there…

I wanted to host Soul nights, I met my soulmate David & we formed Secret DJ’s & he persuaded me that with all my knowledge from the dance floor I was perfectly suited to DJ myself (GULP!) & with the assistance of friends on the scene I started to guest while David & I did our own nights. With his death at the end of 2012, I stopped doing them myself but continued to do the odd guest slot & a chance meeting in a club led me to meet Glossy & here I am.

Kazzie D was born & the D? Well it is the initial of my middle name but also D for David, without whom I wouldn’t be sitting in the studio chair today & to whom I am eternally grateful for believing in me & leaving me his wisdom.

With the girls I travel miles for a good night out & we still attend weekenders, adding more every year. I was 50 this year (2013) & second Spring has certainly arrived for me. Life is definitely for living…

Love, Light & Blessings,

Kazzie D xx