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Showcase Show

Top UK Soul Jock – DJ Dug Chant Presents the ‘Showcase Shows’ here on Sound Fusion Radio.

Showcase of the Week – Happy Birthday  – Al Green.

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The showcase shows are a one hour special featuring a particular Artist or Group. So you are bound to hear in that hour tracks you know and love, also you will also hear tracks that you have rarely or maybe never heard before, making the showcase a very special show for the Soul / Funk Enthusiast. You never know it may even make you into a Soul and Funk enthusiast.

Every week our DJ Dug Chant will be picking a Showcase Show of the week delivered to you on demand from his podcast. So make sure you don’t miss these awesome shows.

The Showcase shows are also scheduled to run immediately after The Breakfast Show – With the Sound Fusion Radio – Breakfast Show Crew


Breakfast Show 7am – 10am GMT

Showcase Show 10am – 11am GMT